Ice Cream Adventures with Paisley and Rose

So the thing is, I’m unemployed. But not the kind of unemployed where I sit on my parents’ couch for eight hours a day flipping channels, I promise. I like projects, always have. Already I’ve managed to assign myself various tasks because if some employer isn’t going to do it for me, darn it, I will find a way to be productive all by myself. And one of the ideas on Ashley’s List of Projects is to eat at every ice cream/gelato/frozen yogurt place in the city. What follows, then, is the first account of Ice Cream Adventures with Paisley and Rose.

Loving Cup

Loving Cup Storefront

“Get a spoon. Get a spoon right now and taste this.” Those were Erica’s instructions to me upon taking the first taste of her frozen yogurt at Loving Cup. After driving around in circles around Polk Street for twenty minutes and praying that the place didn’t close at 9pm, we had arrived at this new-ish frozen yogurt and rice pudding shop slightly out of breath and craving some fantastic and economical dessert (We had elected to take a chance on froyo instead of chocolate fondue on Van Ness.) And we were not disappointed. The way things work at the glorious Loving Cup is this: You choose between either vanilla or chocolate frozen yogurt, and there are a bunch of topping options that they actually blend into your selection. On this night, Erica went for Vanilla yogurt swirled with strawberries and Nutella, and the only word she had to describe it was “divine.” I went for the chocolate yogurt with Junior Mints. We were both amazed at how well the candies blended. “The mint is just in it!” This was the first time either of us had tasted frozen yogurt with the toppings in it and not on it, which makes an important difference if you’re not a fan of strawberry chunks in your ice cream. Thumbs way way up.

We missed out on the rice pudding, but I think it’s safe to say we’ll be making repeat visits to this place. Even though it was 9:15 at night, we still got to listen to the one guy working at the counter explain to four to five different customers how you can choose from vanilla bean, chai, plain, peanut butter, or several other variations of rice puddings and they will warm it up for you AND – cue drooling – if you like, serve it over homemade ganache. Yes, indeed, Loving Cup has not seen the last of us.

We’ve actually hit about four or five ice cream places already (which means that, yes, I’ve started out of order), but I think this one is my favorite so far. 2356 Polk St. (between Green St & Union St) San Francisco, CA 94109