Whoa. I’m going to leave the ice cream behind for a moment to briefly mention Emeryville. I have had very few reasons to visit Emeryville until quite recently. Pixar’s in Emeryville, which is nifty enough in itself. But before I made it to Pixar, I made it to a nice little shopping center just off the freeway and found….teacake bake shop.


I can’t think of many things I love more than stumbling upon an adorable bakery, and I think these images are going to speak for themselves. This place had what looked to be some amazing cupcakes (for $3 apiece). I was tempted because you can only get certain flavors on certain days and a tangerine one caught my eye, but it was the cookies we could not resist.
There was a mint chocolate cookie sandwich that looked slightly better than it tasted (still yummy, though), but the real winner was the melt-in-your-mouth vanilla sugar softie. I now have a reason to visit Emeryville.

Vanilla Softie Mmmm...mint.