Polly Ann Ice Cream

Polly Ann Ice Cream Interior

Polly Ann Ice Cream Interior

“I think we parked too far away,” Erica told me.

And we had. After a delicious Hunan lunch at Eliza’s and already buying dessert at Baked two doors down (red velvet cupcakes and brownies on the menu — but we saved them for later so as to give ourselves time to digest as well as an excuse to grab a second round of more perishable dessert), we decided to venture back to the Sunset to locate Polly Ann Ice Cream and make it our first Paisley and Rose Ice Cream Adventure of the month of March.  All we knew going in was “Noriega.” So we parked at the corner of Noriega and 31st Avenue and had to walk the seven blocks to 38th. We  were fine with that, though; we had avoided the rain so far and had already paid the meter, and if you’re going to have two desserts per one meal, a little walking is not going to hurt.

Polly Ann was a little different for us. Props to Erica for being able to efficiently taste a few flavors and decide while I stood there in awe of the board of fifty flavors of ice cream.  I’ve been trying to be adventurous with my ice cream sampling and first went for the Gummi Bear flavor, which tastes surprisingly like gummi bears for not actually having any visible candies in it. Little too odd for me. Searching for slightly more normalcy, I asked for the Star Wars flavor. Naturally. It was mint ice cream with bits of marshmallow, and while I do like my funky flavors, this was again a bit too funky. So I gave up and just went for the cup of espresso, which was of course the only flavor they didn’t have that day. So…at the end of the day, I ended up with one scoop of Kahlua Ice Cream. It was good, and basically tasted just like coffee anyway, but there was a little hint of actual Kahlua at the end when it started to melt. Erica’s honeydew melon ice cream was much more interesting and very realistic, and her second scoop of rainbow sherbet was…rainbow sherbet-y.

We walked back  up the slight incline to the car and wondered whether or not we were becoming Ice Cream Snobs. We have, after all, been to about ten ice cream/froyo/gelato places in ten weeks and have come to expect a lot. But the Polly Ann ice cream was good, and the flavors were plentiful. The woman behind the counter was like a little ice cream encyclopedia who could recite the ingredients of any of the festively named varieties (Like the San Francisco flavor which contains pineapple and almonds.) And if you really can’t decide, there’s always the option of taking a chance on the big wheel. It was an experience, for sure, although I don’t know how often we’d be inclined to randomly drive over to Noriega Street to be faced with the task of choosing among more flavors than some of the frozen yogurt places we’ve been to combined. Maybe for one of those Walk-Away Sundaes I’ve read about. Or maybe if we parked closer.

Kahlua single-scoop looks out over 38th Ave.

Kahlua single-scoop looks out over 38th Ave.


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