2 for 1

That’s right. Our most recent Ice Cream Adventure with Paisley and Rose led us to two ice cream places in one weekend. It all started when we were in the middle of one of our Monster Walks around the city (starting from Hayes Valley and traveling over to Market Street, all the way down to the Ferry Building, and over to Aquatic Park.) And when Erica asked “Where to next?” I immediately responded with “There’s frozen yogurt somewhere near Union Street.”

Pomegranate and Yogurt Chips

Pomegranate and Yogurt Chips

Indeed there was. Yogurt Bar is located just off of Union and Octavia, and since Sam happened to be with us on this particular occasion, we were able to try out three different combos. Yogurt Bar is similar to a lot of the froyo places these days, with a Plain Tart flavor and a couple fruity ones.

Sam and I both went for the yummy Pomegranate yogurt with either mango or yogurt chips, which the woman sprinkled very generously over the entire surface of the yogurt. None of that half-covered stuff. But on all three counts, the cups were not filled in that usually lovely heaping way, which leaves you feeling the tiniest bit cheated when you expect to see an overflowing cup. A minor detail, because it was still delicious. And Yogurt Bar has a chocolate flavor (Erica sampled it with nuts!), which not all of these places offer. I approve.

Gelato CaseNaia

Blood Orange and Cantaloupe Gelato

Blood Orange and Cantaloupe Gelato

Sunday we had time to kill while waiting around in the Castro, which meant there was time to check out Gelateria Naia! This is my favorite kind of gelato place — they have fun flavors and lots of them. It was once again overwhelming decision time, but the guy behind the counter was very friendly and started us off with Banana and Pistachio samples before we even asked!! Seems like Naia tries to be festive with their flavors, so I sampled the Harvey Milk gelato. It’s just the simple cream/sugar base they use for other flavors, but with a flashier and more appropriate name.

Ginger & Masala Chai Gelato

While Erica ordered her Blood Orange/Cantaloupe cone, I once again decided that I couldn’t decide and ended up choosing the Ginger and Masala Chai gelato on a cake cone.  Each flavor — amazing. Especially the spiciness of the ginger. And if you’re into the fruity flavors, the cantaloupe was oh-so-realistic! We walked away from Naia very happy. So happy we let a 24 bus pass us by so we could finish our pre-lunch desserts at our leisure and, once again, take a walk up the hills to begin our sunny Divisadero Street stroll.


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