Sweet Tango

Well, we seem to have done it again. Hit two gelato places within three days of each other. It can’t be helped. But at least this way, we can do a little compare and contrast! From Nob Hill to the Fillmore, Ice Cream Adventures continue…

Dolce Gelato

dolce-gelato-325-11There’s almost nothing better than a little late-night gelato. Or, as late-night as you can get it depending on what’s open where you live. And since Erica and I happened to be downtown on a Wednesday night at 9:15 in the pm, our dessert stop of choice was…Dolce Gelato on Sutter!! The place was still doing a nice steady business when we arrived, but the guy at the counter let us take our time sampling the flavors. It actually wasn’t too difficult (for once!) for us both to select our styles of sweet treats for the evening. Lots of places have a blackberry cabernet these days, and Erica decided on a scoop of that and a scoop of crème brulee. The report on the Blackberry was “a little grape juicy,” which may or may not be a good thing. I opted to follow the advice of the Yelp crowd and purchased scoops of pumpkin and honey lavender. Mmmm. What could be more fun than pumpkin pie-flavored gelato, especially whenit’s not even Thanksgiving or any such other appropriate holiday? Nice! Each of the flavors got a little melty a little too quickly, but you get a little cookie on top of your gelato and it all makes for pretty nice presentation, so I don’t think we can really complain. And after the gelato, we resituated ourselves at the outdoor tables next door for a little ten o’clock at night, post-dessert dinner. (And while we’re on the subject, Bellissimo Pizza’s not so bad either!)

Cut to a few days later and the very necessary stop at Tango Gelato.

Tango Case

It’s definitely springtime. With a fantastic weather forecast for the last few days of March, Erica and I decided it was time to tackle one of our huge City Walks. We started at the Powell Street station downtown and walked all the way over to the Lyon Street Steps. We saw where they filmed the Princess Diaries school exterior scenes. We chose not to be wimps and walked up the Lyon Street Steps rather than down them, so there was our cardio workout to last us the whole week, probably. We oohed and ahhhed in hushed tones at all the pretty real estate in Pacific Heights. And after a walk like that…you deserve a gelato!! Since it was so bright and sunshiny outside, we weren’t the only ones walking into Tango Gelato on Fillmore. It’s a cute place, with all kinds of random food like pizza and empanadas. But their gelato is definitely interesting. They have flavors like strawberry cream, tiramisu, and rose.

Mango/Cardamom and Raspberry/Mint

Mango/Cardamom and Raspberry/Mint

Erica went with scoops of raspberry and mint chocolate in a cup, while I continued my adventurous streak with mango and the cardamom orange zest on a cake cone.   Yummy flavors – realistic flavors – but not very bold. The orange zest stuff was interesting, but after a while I couldn’t tell if I was no longer getting the taste or if the girl had taken a used paddle out to scoop my gelato and some other remnants had mixed in. But still good. On a warm day and after a 10,000 step stroll around the city, still good.

I think the prize might go to Dolce on this one, though. Again…how do you top the spicy-sweet goodness of pumpkin pie in the form of a frosty frozen treat? And now that little debate’s been settled, so…until the next Ice Cream Adventure!



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