You’re not going to put this on Yelp, are you?


Really, I think Erica and I just like walking around our city pretending we’re on vacation in Europe. I don’t know of a ton of people who would walk almost a mile up Nob Hill at 9 o’clock on a Wednesday night in search of frozen yogurt. But that became our latest Ice Cream Adventure, a scenic tour of Nob Hill via Jones Street. We aren’t up that way too often, and it was a pretty night. We took our time marveling at the cute apartments “For Let,” and the random sign here and there that said “Rue” instead of “Street.” European indeed, right? After twenty minutes or so, we reached our destination.

Yogurt Toppings

“I don’t think I’m going to be talking to you for a while,” Erica said as we tackled one last hill. We like to think we’re in pretty good walking shape, but every once in a while those San Francisco hills will still leave you breathless. On the other side, though, was New Russian Hill Market and our late-night frozen yogurt dessert!! It was like the man inside had been waiting just for us. He walked us over to the frozen yogurt counter and gave us a rundown of the flavors of the day. As per usual, a small yogurt was more than enough for each of us, and I wasted no time in ordering my half Peanut Butter, half Heath Bar combo with yogurt chips. Apparently they can either swirl the yogurt or serve it side by side — the latter option seems the only way to go to get the individual flavors. Erica decided on Heath Bar & Vanilla (unswirled) with Andes mints. We watched our friendly server prepare both yogurts, and I think it’s safe to say this guy gets an A for topping distribution! He filled the cup halfway, reached into the little topping container, spooned the yogurt chips into the bottom of the cup, and then added the rest of the yogurt. And of course sprinkled a helping of our chosen toppings over the finished products. That’s what we like to see!!

newrussianhill-401-5We stepped outside and prepared to walk back up and over the hills toward downtown again, but not before taking some cheesy touristy photos outside the storefront. (OK, so maybe we were just postponing the inevitable and somewhat torturous uphill climb.) The man who had served us must have seen the flashes and came outside, wondering, “You’re not going to put those on Yelp, are you?” Don’t worry, New Russian Hill man, your service was good and your yogurt delicious. Your Yelp review is safe. And he did have a sense of humor about it — even told us where to find his other Yogurt location in Antioch. We bid him good night and began our almost-mile walk back downtown, taking a detour to Grace Cathedral to walk the outdoor labyrinth. Best we could figure, the point of the whole labyrinth walk is meditation and inner peace, yes? Well, that was pretty easy for us to find while strolling along the winding path and eating peanut butter frozen yogurt (It is still my belief that it’s the most genious flavor there is!) So to recap: 2-mile round trip up and over Nob Hill for frozen yogurt, Grace Cathedral and St. Mary’s Square stroll, being tourists in our own city. Anything for a good cup of frozen yogurt, though, right?


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