Jubili CupSo…I think we really might be turning into ice cream snobs. Or frozen yogurt snobs. We eat a lot of it and we’ve come to expect a lot…

Not to say that Jubili wasn’t delicious. In fact, as far as the standard sort of Frozen Yogurt shops go, Jubili is kind of a fun one because of the flavors. Their yogurt comes in sizes of mi, my, and mo, which is cute (if you can remember which is which), and in addition to their original tart flavor, they have peach yogurt and strawberry sorbet. Nice!

After some initial confusion when we approached the counter (Erica: Do you guys have a card? Yogurt Girl: Yeah, we accept credit cards. Erica: No, I mean a card…  Yogurt Girl: Oh, gift cards! Sure, we have those. Erica: Do you have a frequent buyer card? Yogurt Girl: Oh. No. Erica: Anything but, huh?) we were able to order our frozen yogurt. Erica tried the original tart and the strawberry sorbet and added mangoes on top and also some mochi, for my benefit since I’d never tried it by itself. Their toppings were good — fresh, it seemed, and their original tart flavor is very yogurt-y. Simple, like.  I went for the peach/strawberry combo — as usual, unswirled. Someone, explain to me why you’d swirl your yogurts! I mean besides the typical chocolate/vanilla swirl, I want to get the flavors on their own. Maybe that’s just me…Anyway. Yogurt chips were the topping of choice again, so yes, I’m falling into a frozen yogurt topping rut. I can’t help it. I love them.

Peach/Sorbet/Yogurt Chips & Sorbet/Tart/Mango/Mochi

Peach/Sorbet/Yogurt Chips & Sorbet/Tart/Mango/Mochi

So all in all, Jubili was fun and tasty, although I’m not sure we would ever venture all the way back to the Western Addition for this particular variety of frozen yogurt if we weren’t headed that way already. We had to take two buses to get home and it was very cold outside. They DO, however,  get points for having exciting flavors, because Peach Tart is definitely an inspired one, and the strawberry sorbet is something different. But it is getting harder and harder to impress us, frozen yogurt/ice cream/gelato places of San Francisco. At least I’ve been introduced to Mochi as a topping, and maybe now I’ll be inspired to go for some new ones next time. Gotta keep things interesting…


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