Bombay Ice Creamery

bombay-408-1Ice Cream Adventure #17. (Yup, we’re still going out of order.) Bombay was a bit of a tough one for us. It really shouldn’t have been — we planned an afternoon in the Mission and began our ice cream adventures with a nice hearty lunch of french fries at Frjtz on Valencia. What’s a better lead-in to some rich and creamy ice cream than deliciously oily fries, complete with rich and creamy dipping sauces? (Quick word on Frjtz — the dipping sauces for the fries are fun and plentiful. The peppercorn ranch was tasty, though the artichoke ketchup just tasted like Heinz or what have you.) Anyway, it seemed perfect because we were able to find a filling yet affordable snack at one stop on Valencia Street, then walk just doors down to visit Bombay Ice Creamery.

It was pretty deserted inside, but somehow while we were standing and staring at our choices of ice cream, we ended up in line behind some other guy. It gave us time to analyze our options, because some of the flavors we had read about online (i.e. saffron pistachio) were nowhere to be found. So we sampled the chicku, which is a type of tropical fruit. I love my funky flavors, but I couldn’t quite get this one. It might be the kind of flavor that works better as a sorbet or gelato so you’re not tasting so much cream while trying to decipher the fruit flavor. Anyway. I think we ended up losing our nerve a little bit and not going for any funky flavors at all. Erica asked for a scoop of young coconut on a cone, and the man swiftly plopped a single, neat scoop into a cup. I ignored all the samples we’d tried and banked on what seemed to be a safe yet not too boring choice: butterscotch. “Butterscotch?” Man-behind-the-counter asked. “Where?” I stared at him for a moment, wondering if I had hallucinated my flavor of choice, but then pointed it out to him because it was really and truly there. The man told us that they’d recently moved around all their ice cream containers, thus the confusion, and presented me with my butterscotch ice cream in a cup instead of cone.

Butterscotch on Valencia

Butterscotch on Valencia
We walked back to the 16th and Mission BART station, slowly eating small spoonfuls out of the little plastic cups. The Bombay ice cream was very filling!  Definitely one of the richer varieties of ice cream I’ve had. I also feel like the creamier an ice cream is, the less of the particular flavor you actually get. I wasn’t tasting a ton of butterscotch by the end. The young coconut seemed to be a better choice because coconut is creamy anyway. Sooooo…I’m not sure what to make of Bombay. I wonder just a little bit if we ruined our appetites by dining on aioli-dipped french fries before dessert, but I think I stand by that decision. It might be interesting to research this concept of creaminess vs. flavor. And all the Yelpers did seem to be gushing over all the saffron flavors, which weren’t there when we stopped in. For the most part, you don’t go against the Yelpers. Maybe we’ll have to make a return trip to re-evaluate. For, you know, research purposes.

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