Miyako Old-Fashioned Ice Cream

Mexican Chocolate and NY CherryA word on Miyako Old-Fashioned Ice Cream on Fillmore.  On our Ice Cream Adventure surrounding the International Film Festival at the Kabuki, Erica and I almost turned up our noses at this one. In the window of Miyako, they advertise Dreyer’s. And we can get Dreyer’s in a carton, right? But wait! There’s more!

They also have a bunch of “Exotic Flavors” that you aren’t usually going to find in the Dreyer’s section at the grocery store. The man behind the counter was super understanding as we analyzed our way through some of the more fascinating options. He explained that Lucuma was a type of Peruvian fruit, pumpkin-like in texture and flavor. We were both sold based on that sample — it really is quite pumpkin-y without being too sweet or spicy like pumpkin pie. Highly recommended. Then, Erica went for New York Cherry as her second scoop. We both marveled at the alarmingly pink but surprisingly realistic ice cream. I tried to figure out what else might pair well with the Lucuma ice cream and settled on the Mexican Chocolate. Now this is everything ice cream should be. It was rich and chocolatey with hints of cinnamon that gave it just that little extra oomph. We were impressed.

Mexican Chocolate at Miyako

Mexican Chocolate at Miyako

These days, what with the popularity of Yelp and everything, I guess a lot of people are much more in tune to customers taking photos in their shops. On this occasion, the guy who served us actually offered to help us out!! He noticed me trying to take my lefthand corner ice cream close-up and proceeded to take multiple shots of Erica and I together, inside, outside, wherever we wanted. He recognized the opportunity as good advertising, and I suppose he knew it would make us happy too. Now that I think of it, this was the second store owner to come out and help us take our silly touristy photos. And there you have it — Paisley and Rose causing a small scene wherever we go. But it was another pleasant series of events — we were able to take a spin around Japantown with our ice cream, pause to eat dinner at Extreme Pizza, and wind up right back at the Kabuki in time for our movie. But mostly I’m just glad we didn’t underestimate Miyako, because as far as our Kabuki outings are concerned, this is the kind of treat that might just have to go hand in hand with every movie we see.




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