Piccolo SausalitoIt’s been a while since we’ve had an Ice Cream Adventure reflection, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been happening. In another attempt to have a touristy adventure in our own backyard, Erica and I planned an excursion to Sausalito for lunch and then the Tam Valley Farmer’s Market for…additional eating.  At Piccolo Cafe in Sausalito,  we enjoyed a beautiful view of the water and the City across the Bay, and in my continuing search for the Perfect Panini I ordered a Veggie Frittata with Brie Panini from Piccolo. Only, it was really just a sandwich. There didn’t seem to be any pressing involved. Tasty enough, and creative, I guess, but my search continues… Fritatta Panini

It only takes about ten minutes to get to Mill Valley for the Tam Valley Farmer’s Market from Sausalito, and since we still needed to find dessert somewhere, that is the direction we took. This is a much smaller farmer’s market than the one we’re used to at the Ferry Building, but they did have a good assortment of fruit, including all those random hybrid ones like Plumcots and Pearins or what have you. Word of warning: DO NOT get stuck at the Naan stand!! It’s lovely to be offered one or two or even three samples of naan with cilantro spread, naan with roasted eggplant, naan with sour cream and tomato. But by the time you get to your tenth naan and nondescript topping sample, you will be too full to sample anything else at the market and your eyes will be watering from tasting something spicy the guy just handed you. Accept one or two samples and proceed. And if you get sucked in like I did, garlic naan costs $1 more than plain. Anyway.

Scream SorbetScream Sorbet travels around to a ton of Bay Area farmer’s markets, and last week, we found them. Their sorbet is organic and made with whole fresh fruit and all of that, and after sampling each of their six flavors that day, I think Erica and I agreed that Scream Sorbet is indeed quite realistic. That Strawberry sorbet is nothing but strawberry. The Vanilla Almond flavor is quite exciting and we both chose that as our bottom scoop (ok, we’re finally at the point of Ice Cream Snobbery where it does matter which scoop is on the bottom). I also got the peach, and Erica tried the Lemon Sage. All amazing flavors all around. This is sorbet as it should be. One little thing: As we sat in the car and ate, we contemplated the fact that we had just spent $3 apiece on about four tablespoons of sorbet each. When you order a petite size, they mean petite. It’s probably the size of one of those sample cups you’d get in a frozen yogurt shop, little bigger, maybe. So it’s not the kind of thing you’d seek out on a regular basis, but every once in a great while, or when you feel that you only have room enough for a couple tablespoons of your favorite sorbet flavor after ingesting entirely too much naan for one day, Scream is for sure the way to go.

Peach, Vanilla Almond, and Lemon Sage

Peach, Vanilla Almond, and Lemon Sage


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