Nubi BannerWell, these days there’s a new yogurt place popping up every other weekend. To our ever-growing list we add Nubi, a self-serve frozen yogurt shop located in the Lakeshore shopping center, and this was my experience:

They’re very happy over at Nubi, and very loud. As soon as we walked in the door, the girl at the counter screamed “Welcome to Nubi!!” at us, and then we were immediately swarmed by two more girls who informed us that they knew all the nutrition facts for all the flavors of all the yogurt, if we desired to know them. We were the teeniest bit overwhelmed, but were distracted quickly enough by the sample cups that we didn’t have to stick around talking to the nutrition girls.

So, ok, this part’s actually nice: They do have the tiny little sample cups available so you can try as many of the flavors as you like. On that count, I approve. Especially since the flavors of frozen yogurt at Nubi are plentiful: Georgia Peach, French Vanilla, Taro, Pineapple, Strawberry, and Original Tart are the ones I recall. I served myself the Peach, Pineapple, Taro combo (Taro being my newest fascination because it’s sort of tart and sort of nutty but very good, in that funky flavor sort of way.) Topping: rainbow mochi. It’s always fun when your cup of yogurt contains every possible color in the spectrum. Anyway, this is the kind of yogurt that gets kind of watery when it starts to melt, which always raises my suspicions, and the mochi was a little bit slimy, like it had been sitting there all stuck together for a long time. So, eh. I doubt I’ll be back. These kinds of places are too much of a trend and I think my loyalty for self-serve yogurt places will always be to Icebee. It’s probably time for a proper Ice Cream Adventure with Rose anyway, so until then….



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