Are You Free?

I’m well aware that I’ve been neglecting the Ice Cream Adventures chronicles. I’ve eaten much more ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato since my last post, which means I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. And what inspired my return? The realization that I have never written about Humphry Slocombe, which is, after all, one of our favorites.

As long-time fans of Are You Being Served?, Erica and I were drawn to this place at the first mention of its name. Our first visit was actually two years ago, right around the time our beloved H.S. opened its doors. My first scoop of Humphry Slocombe ice cream was the Guinness. Erica’s was Secret Breakfast, which ends up being the real winner in all of this.

Jump to 2011:
After one of the best brunches I’ve ever had at The Butler and the Chef, we decided that yes, we still had room for ice cream. We hopped on the T at AT&T Park in hopes of trying out the newer Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous, but alas: closed for a private party. Still hungry for ice cream, we checked my printout of San Francisco ice cream locations (so old now, that “it looks like a treasure map,” I am told) to try and figure out the next best thing.

And Humphry Slocombe really is one of the best. They have creative flavors like Jesus Juice – and, I believe, I’ve seen Butterbeer on the menu at some point. Everything I’ve ever sampled has been good, and on this occasion I went for a scoop each of Malted Chocolate and Vietnamese Blue Bottle Coffee – really nice, strong coffee flavor with a little extra kick I’ve never tasted in any other kind of coffee ice cream. Erica had the Candied Ginger, and of course, the Secret Breakfast. It was only at this second tasting that I began to appreciate this ice cream’s special powers. It’s made with bourbon and corn flakes and definitely tastes like bourbon. But it’s not overwhelming. It’s just sweet and interesting and wonderful. I’d go back for that one next time. We actually tried to go back for some the very same week, in a series of fateful events that saw us sprinting down 24th Street in an attempt to buy two scoops of Secret Breakfast and be back outside in time to catch the next bus, but to no avail. Humphry Slocombe closes at 9pm every night, and when we arrived at 9:08 to a locked door (but the lights still on and a worker still inside), we thought about knocking and pleading our case. But we didn’t want to scare the guy inside, and after all, Tuttimelon is open til 10.

Malted Chocolate & Secret Breakfast

Side note: A moment of silence for both San Francisco Cefiore locations, which are now closed. That place was definitely in my Froyo Top 3, and will be missed.


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