Ice Cream Adventures with Paisley and Rose has finally made it to Mitchell’s. It’s taken years, partly because Erica had already been there, and partly because you can get Mitchell’s ice cream plenty of other places besides San Jose Avenue, so I’ve already tasted their ice cream too. But it’s on the list, and we had to check out their location in the interest of thoroughness.

Mitchell’s has its own parking lot. Since we had to drive kind of out to the middle of nowhere, this was a convenience not to be overlooked. Although it had to be one of the coldest nights of the year, inside, Mitchell’s was doing ok business. (I’m told that on a nicer night, the line will wind out the door.) It wasn’t so bad that we had to take a number though, so we walked right up to the case to take a look at our options – which were plentiful. Mitchell’s has the fun and exotic flavors like ube, lucuma, young coconut, but neither of us made it past our usual favorites. Erica “has to” get the Thin Mint, which according to her, is just different from any other mint ice cream. (She’d gotten it at Norman’s when we went for Sundaes.) And it was good. And I broke after one sample, too: Espresso Toffee Crunch. So after only one sample each, we put in our orders. (Note: At Mitchell’s, they actually know what a cake cone is.)

We realized that Erica’s usual Mitchell’s order is, in fact, depicted in the large mural on the lefthand wall. Excited by this, we amused the store patrons for a good minute and a half trying to position Erica’s cone in the exact same way for a photo op. Then it was time to make the ice cream disappear. And that’s maybe my only complaint about Mitchell’s: no room for nice, indoor seating. There’s a bench outside, but on a night when temperatures drop into the 40s, an outdoor bench is not so appealing. We finished our cones in the car (and noticed patrons on either side of us doing the same thing), and then dashed back inside so Erica could get some chocolate/peanut-covered bananas for the road.

Final word on Mitchell’s: their ice cream is always good. Both times I’ve gotten Espresso ice cream, it’s got amazing flavor and visible flecks of coffee bean. Erica and I both agree that Mitchell’s ice cream is extra smooth. Creamy without being heavy. The shop itself has good service, plenty of options, ice cream in to-go quarts… and this particular outing cost me less than three dollars! This place is great for an evening ice cream run, so in short, we’ll be back.


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