Meet the best frozen yogurt in San Francisco. I can say this with some confidence because after trying almost every frozen yogurt in San Francisco (though I admit, I have a couple more places I’ve yet to try), I still end up saying, “But it’s not as good as Fraiche.”

Pomegranate & Chocolate, with Mochi and Apple Crisp

Fraiche organic, homemade frozen yogurt really does taste fresh and creamy, with none of that iciness you sometimes find in a lesser yogurt. Every flavor is magnificent – I was originally won over by the soy, but recently have come to enjoy the natural flavor (a bit reminiscent of Yogorino’s yogurt, if we’re making comparisons.) And their chocolate flavor is really chocolate-y – dark chocolate-y, and incredibly satisfying when you’re craving a sweet yogurt.

We all know that what really makes a froyo shop a standout are the toppings, and Fraiche’s toppings outshine all others by a mile. I get their homemade mochi every time I go; it is the softest mochi I have ever tasted. Other fun toppings range from fruit purees to agave nectar to chocolate shavings, and on my most recent visit, I spotted a bowl of apple crisp. I really don’t know how you beat a cup of frozen yogurt that is topped with freshly made apple crisp. (How often can you even top apple crisp by itself?)

Fraiche is so much my favorite frozen yogurt shop that, after almost a week spent on business in China, it was my first stop upon arriving back in San Francisco. (Never did find any froyo in Beijing, sadly.) My one regret thus far is that in two autumn visits to Fraiche, I have yet to encounter their Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt. (Once the machine was broken, and the other time I went was a Wednesday, and there is no Pumpkin seasonal froyo on Wednesdays or Sundays.) I am sure that Fraiche Pumpkin Froyo will be divine, and I hope that before the season is over, I will have the chance to savor it.

Soy Yogurt with Mochi and Apricot Puree

Fraiche: 1910 Fillmore St. (415) 674-6876


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