Twisted Chill

Oh, Twisted Chill. How long have I been hunting this food truck down? Let me count the days. Ah, yes, I started a short Twitter exchange with them in April of 2011. Because when a new Ice Cream/Soft Serve truck pops up, I start plotting ways to be one of the first ones there. But from what I gathered from following the Twitter stream, the Twisted Chill truck was often in San Jose, a place where I am never, and so I figured there was little hope of getting a taste of this particular variety of frozen goodness.

Except – Fleet Week! This occasion led me to Off the Pier at Fort Mason, where I was finally greeted by the bright blue of the Twisted Chill vehicle. They weren’t doing soft serve on this particular weekend, but they had ice cream cones and it was 80-something degrees outside, so that all worked out just fine. Since it’s October, my choice of ice cream was made for me. That’s right, they had Pumpkin Spice. Done. There is no other option. (OK, so I was almost swayed by a super chocolate-y ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate ribbons, but Pumpkin Spice wins over even that.) I was extremely happy with the Twisted Chill ice cream – the pumpkin flavor was very creamy and quite spicy without being overly so; just that right amount of pumpkin sweetness. We also got a vanilla cake cone, which was tasty and satisfying, everything you want out of your basic vanilla cone.

Now, I know Twisted Chill is normally a non-dairy self-serve operation, so I do want to go back and try the soft serve. But for now, I will absolutely give Twisted Chill two thumbs up. It’s a truck I would definitely chase again, especially if they are carrying my favorite Fall flavor.


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