Mission Beach Cafe

So, new project! Ice Cream Adventures is preeeeetttty close to being completed. I haven’t been everywhere yet, but I’ve been enough places that I feel comfortable setting my sights on some new food goals. And so, I bring you…Adventures in Brunch. I’m actually going to admit something a little strange: I’m not a huge brunch/breakfast person. I’ve always thought that on the whole, the morning hours are just far too early to be eating such heavy things as pancakes and gallons of syrup. But then what happens? I spend lots. of time. reading about food. If I see beautiful food photos, I’m going to want to visit the restaurant at which they were taken, and so…I decided it was worth having a first official adventure in brunch in San Francisco.

Mission Beach Cafe. Lucky I have a partner in crime who doesn’t mind being out-and-about on the earlier side, because we pulled up to this place at 8:55 am, five minutes before opening. And there was already a good crowd of 20 people or so piled up at the door (not in a straight line, just in a clump), waiting to be admitted for a Sunday morning feast. There was no cause to worry, though ā€“ when they open the doors, they seat everyone fast, and at that time of morning, everyone gets a table. Huzzah.

It’s not brunch without a mimosa, is it? I didn’t think so. Mission Beach Cafe has a nice variety ā€“ orange, pomegranate, grapefruit, or combinations of those fruit flavors. I got the pomegranate grapefruit, and while tasty, it was a little too tart. I think I prefer basic orange. No matter. For me, there was no debate over what to order: I had the Brioche French Toast with honey mascarpone. Hooray! It’s a wonderful dish. Since I often complain about breakfast and brunch being WAY too heavy, I loved this stuff. The French Toast itself is very light and fluffy, and it’s not doused in syrup, just lightly drizzled. And the mascarpone topping just adds to the light airy-ness. I’m a fan!

I really liked the look of this place, but the tables were incredibly close together. As in, you feel like you could hop right in to the conversations that are happening on either side of you, and therefore kind of need to shout to speak to your brunch companion. Mine, Ann Marie, gave her scrambled eggs an 8 out of 10, which sounds pretty darn good to me. Service was very friendly ā€“ they even noticed our table had a bit of a wobble and fixed it before we even had a chance to ask. There’s a counter of delicious-looking pastries as well. Overall, very solid first Adventures in Brunch experience. I know a lot of Eggs Benedict lovers, so I’d love to bring them back to Mission Beach Cafe to see what they have to say about the wild mushroom Benedict. I’d revisit this place and feel confident in bringing guests here. But early. When it opens. I refuse to wait an hour and a half for brunch. As long as I don’t have to, Mission Beach Cafe is one great option!

Mission Beach Cafe: 198 Guerrero Street at 14th, San Francisco, CA


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