Presidio Social Club

sangria I’ve been meaning to tell you about a new favorite of mine. We have a new front-runner in the brunch wars, and its name is the Presidio Social Club. Maybe I loved this place so much because it has a lot of non-breakfasty options and plenty of lunch-y ones to supplement. You know I’m not SUPER into traditional big breakfasts. But I went with a party of four and we all absolutely loved our food, so I know it wasn’t just me.

I love the feel of this place. It’s nestled in the Presidio along all the other historic barracks and homes, and when you step inside you feel like you’ve entered a 50s diner (especially, I’d imagine, if you sit at the counter.) We sat at a table for four, which comes with a nice view of the Presidio. By the time we left, the restaurant had also opened up a nice, sunny back patio.

And the food? The food is everything you want in a brunch. We started with drinks – Bloody Marys, a peach Bellini, and a Hibiscus “Sangria” Cooler. (OK, the cooler I didn’t love. It was nonalcoholic and had kind of an odd cinnamon-y flavor. Kinda weird but not awful.) Before our main courses we shared an order of Brioche Beignets with Brown Butter Hot Chocolate. You need to do this. Yes, you. Who doesn’t love a beignet? Especially a beignet dipped in hot chocolate. Start your meal this way and it’ll be a bright and sunshiny day no matter what.

Beignets all around!

Beignets all around!

The rest: Now, I struggled a lot with this menu because so many things looked so good. Did I go with my usual French Toast, which did look scrumptious as a few plates passed me on their way to other lucky tables? Or did I branch out and try something new? In the end I went with the Gruyere Cheese Toasts with Tomato Soup ($7), because I mean come on. I can’t pass up gruyere anything. And these little grilled cheese triangles were good; lots of flavor, and served with a dainty little cup of soup that’s perfectly proportional to the amount of dips you will need. Yum.
The fam went with: Chilaquiles (which I am always a fan of, and tried, and highly recommend!), Crab Benedict (which I’m told was good; I don’t eat crab), and Huevos Rotos (I tried the potatoes, and also yum.) Just… such a solid meal here, people. The flavors, the variety of options on the menu… Augh. The day after we stopped into this place for Father’s Day, my brother remarked to me, “I’m craving more of that Presidio Social Club breakfast!” I couldn’t agree more.

I would absolutely return to the Presidio Social Club. I’d bring out-of-towners here. The place still merits some Tourist Value, being in the Presidio and all, and you can cross the street and stroll around the Lucas Letterman Digital Arts Center grounds as well. (Photo with the Yoda fountain, anyone?) I like a place that offers more than the standard stack of pancakes and one or two omelet choices. Here, you have your options when it comes to drinks, breakfast or lunch, savory or sweet. I’m all about having options. And since French Toast is my favorite and I’ve yet to try theirs, you know I’ll be back.


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