Cowgirl Creamery and Point Reyes

Oh, Point Reyes… When I passed through on a bachelorette party weekend I knew I’d be coming back. It’s just such a cute little town. On my first visit, said bachelorettes and I went horseback riding on the hills overlooking Tomales Bay, a lovely (although extremely windy) experience. I returned a couple weekends back because there is a Cowgirl Creamery outpost in Point Reyes, and if there are many things I love more than Cowgirl Creamery, I sure can’t think of them now.

Tomales Bay Foods

Tomales Bay Foods

So this is what you do. You drive out to the Cowgirl Creamery shop, which is part of Tomales Bay Foods. They have, of course, a cheese counter, and also a little sort of deli station where you can order sandwiches, mac and cheese, soups, and other treats. The cheeses, I doubt you can go wrong. We bought two kinds and, to go along with them, a loaf of Brick Maiden Asiago Pesto Bread. This, you must do. The bread was the best part of the whole entire thing. LOTS of pesto flavor, plus actual chunks – not shavings, but chunks – of asiago throughout. Just oh-so-delicious. I miss this bread already. One issue we had: the sandwiches at the deli counter are pre-made. If we’d known we probably wouldn’t have ordered one. What we got: chicken breast with mozzarella and a side of golden beets. Sounds dee-lish, I know, (and looks pretty!) but the sandwich was pretty flavorless. We’d have been fine with our bread and cheese combo (or if you’re feeling festive, you can get a bottle of wine on your way out as well.)

Red Hawk Cheese

Red Hawk Cheese

Chicken Sandwich + Golden Beets

Chicken Sandwich + Golden Beets

There are plenty of picnic tables out back, and on a sunny day it’s quite relaxing to enjoy your newly procured treats outside the Cowgirl shop. And that’s just we did. Beware, though – there is no bathroom in the shop. You have to walk to either the nearest gas station or public restrooms, a few minutes down the road. So if you’ve come from any distance away, you might want to seek out restrooms before you make your stop at Cowgirl, if you plan on sitting and staying a while.


Just the cutest little town.

The main thoroughfare of Point Reyes – super cute. A bookstore, an equestrian gear shop, a bakery we were too full to try. It’s worth a stroll through the couple blocks of town. After that, there’s the Bear Valley Visitors Center, which is a short drive away. From there, you can set off on one of many hiking trails, all varying degrees of length and difficulty. You can even walk all the way out to the lighthouse if you’ve budgeted enough time. Or if you can hold out for the length of a drive and possibly a hike, you can (and should!) bring your bread and cheese for sustenance at a nice stopping point on the walk. Beautiful scenery, top-notch eats, what more could you want?

Pink Bike

A stop on the trail.


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