Easy Breezy

Have you all met my new best friend, Easy Breezy? I know I’m almost always raving about frozen yogurt, but this place, oh man. Because you know why? Frozen. Custard. But let’s back up for a second.
Easy Breezy Sign
I’d been meaning to visit the 24th Street location of Easy Breezy for forever, but then they went an opened a shop on Irving which is slightly more convenient for me, therefore finally recently I found out what I’d been missing. Easy Breezy is self-serve, and they make sure you get your samples before buying. (They’ll get your samples for you, and they’re nice about it.) Which is wondrous because there are so…many…good…flavors here. Slightly out-of-the-ordinary fare like banana and pistachio and peanut butter and hot chocolate and….yes, the custard. The full-fat stuff. You know you love it. And on both of my visits it was the first flavor I knew I had to have; so creamy and perfectly sweet without being wow-I-now-have-cavities sweet and just…Augh. I’m so glad I now have this so easily at my fingertips.

Lucky Charms

Note the Charms on top.

Toppings: also a nice variety of things you don’t always see. Yes, there’s the nuts and the sprinkles and brownie bites and mochi, but there are also little green army men gummies. Twixes. LUCKY CHARMS but just the charms. Yes, you heard me. Charms only. Ok, by this point I may have some cavities. But yeah, Easy Breezy now has my heart. Everything’s well laid out – there’s a special shelf for sauces and honey; everything’s adorable (have you seen the little yogurt man on the front of the cup?) and everthing’s delicious. The cup isn’t quite so big as the kind you can find at Nubi or other self-serve spots, which is nice because you don’t feel quite so gluttonous when dispensing your own yogurt. And filling the cup pretty decently, I’ve spent around $4.75 each time. Not awful. Make sure to get a frequent buyer punch card when you go, because a) they stamp it with different things each time and b) you are sure to be back. You’re welcome.
Easy Breezy Exterior


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